Sunday, February 15, 2009

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The best resource for safety & health advice is available right at your fingertips.

CoolGuy is an online consultant who published various articles and studies, now finally available on the Net. Their purpose is your financial success. They are prepared and structured in an easy-to-use format, full of practical tips, simple to implement in your home or office.

Businesses around the world enjoy CoolGuy's advice, and save 1000s of dollars each month, while many save even much more! You too, in your own little home, can take advantage and save 100s of dollars in a year!

Good new habits as described in CoolGuy's publications will definitely help you increase your financial success, and you'll start saving many dollars or euros immediately!

Here are a some of them, for you to enjoy:

Saving Money on Utilities (Electricity, phone, water, heating, etc)

Automatic faucets and flushers with sensor: Incredible but so Practical Faucets: designed for... HOME-USE!

Driving cheaper: Drive Less - Drive Smart - Save Money!

How to save up to 27% gas: Top 7 Tips to Help You Easily Save 15%-27% of Your Gas Starting Now!

Energy Facts: What do you KNOW about ENERGY?

How to save money - Useful easy-to-realize Tips!

  • Water Use Statistics
  • Tips for Saving Water

Useful Energy Conservation Tips

  • Tips when shopping for windows
  • Warm-Climate Window Tips
  • Cold-Climate Window Tips
  • Insulation Tips
  • Weatherization Tips
  • Fireplace Tips
  • Useful Energy Conservation Tips - For Kids and Teachers
  • Useful Energy Conservation Tips - For Business
  • Useful Energy Conservation Tips - For Consumers

Amazing Tips to Save Big Money... from Home!

  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL)
  • Outdoor Lighting Tips
  • Other Energy-Saving Kitchen Tips
  • Indoor Lighting Tips
  • Dishwasher Tips
  • Refrigerator / Freezer Energy Tips
  • Laundry Tips

Cooling & Heating Tips... to Save Much Money!

  • Duct Tips
  • Landscaping Tips (Dependent on Geographic Area)
  • Solar Tips
  • Cooling Tips
  • Heat Pump Tips
  • Water Heating Tips
  • Heating and Cooling Tips

In Portuguese:
Poupar Água - Reduzir o consumo facilmente!
Como Poupar no Consumo de Água - e não só no Dia Mundial da Água!